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Hello and welcome, my name is Babs Howard and I have been touched by spirit all my life. I have been a practising medium for over two decades.

So welcome to this place of clairvoyance. I will try to put you in touch with your friends and loved one’s who have passed on and course they are very welcome to join us today.


It is important to remember that just because someone has passed on does not mean they have gone, they have just changed. Just because you cannot see them does not mean that they are not there.


If they are still around they will make their presence known to you with a feeling, a smell, or a warm hug when you most need it, (with my dad it’s the smell of his tobacco). Of course it is OK to talk to them because they will answer in their own special way.

It is important to remember – just because they pass does not mean they have changed they will still have the same sense of humour or personality same sense of fun but of course without the money worries to burden them we all have.Without the pain and trauma which caused them to pass which may of changed them drastically in the last days.


So yes it is ok to talk to them if you are down, lonely, happy, or just want to say, ‘hi,’ they will answer you but not with a voice. Do not be frightened by their presence because they will only be there if you are comfortable with them being there if not they will of course move on but if they have made you unhappy or caused you a problem in their earthly life then they sometimes try to say sorry.

My Services


Psychic Reading

A strong talent and the specialty of Babs is the ability to use your voice and energies to allow spirits to find their way to us… Read More


Astrological Horoscope

Babs has the capability to create astrological horoscopes with the very basic service of this is the provision of an… Read More


Compatibility Horoscope

A further service offered using the stars and planets. By utilising the birth-charts of you and you’re chosen… Read More



Similar in many respects and ways to a compatibility horoscope, by using the astrological chart Babs creates for… Read More



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Psychic Evening
Psychic Evening
Globe Hall
Blackbird Leys Community Centre
Blackbird Leys Road
on Tuesday 26 Hovember 2013
at 7.30 pm Only £8
Private Psychic Readings ( Some Slots Still Avalable )
Crystal Cabin
14 Greenhill Street
Stratford – Upon – Avon
CV37 6LF
23 november 2013
11 am until 4 pm
01789 268 659
Private Psychic Readings
Earlswood Lakes Crystal Cabin
Unit 12
Earlswood Lakes Craft Centre
Wood Lane
Earlswood Solihull
B94 5JH
7 December 2013
11 am until 4 pm
01564 702 348

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