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Auxiliary cop abetted rape of gf twice by organising threesome with male stranger

SINGAPORE - During bondage intercourse together with her boyfriend of couple of years, a lady who was bound and found that is blindfolded a male stranger has also been involved in their tryst.

It later on ended up being a complete stranger that her boyfriend had met on line and invited to indulge in a threesome without her knowledge nor permission.

And therefore it had occurred when formerly, together with her entirely oblivious by what ended up being taking place.

The boyfriend, a 27-year-old auxiliary officer, had been sentenced to 23 years and 11 months' prison and 24 shots associated with the cane on Monday (Nov 26) that he had abetted the rape of his girlfriend, also 27, first in April 2016 and a second time in August 2016 after he admitted.

The tall Court heard that the couple, whom began dating in November 2014, started trying out soft bondage methods during intercourse.

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