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BDSM Is Not Just About Bondage — Often It Isn't Also About Intercourse!

Sexy does not usually have to have intimate, all things considered .

We immediately think sex when we hear words like fetish, kink, BDSM or S&M.

BDSM is short for many into the main-stream consider similar to S&M. Technically it is short for bondage & control (BD), dominance & distribution (DS) and sadism & masochism (SM).

Or in other words — whatever it really is you love that’s kinky, whether in the providing or getting end, is contained in the all encompassing label of BDSM.

This umbrella acronym covers significantly more than being restrained in bondage, humiliated, spanked, acting as a slave or servant, etc. Kink choices are as specific as those individuals exercising them.

As an example, some may like sensation play (such a thing from feathers, silk, therapeutic therapeutic massage oils to pain inflicted with different implements), while other people might enjoy sensory starvation (being blindfolded or having a different one associated with sensory faculties recinded).

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