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In search of a Milwaukee seafood fry in your area? Listed here are 7 ones that are new


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Friday seafood fry at business Brewing, 735 E. Center St., means butterflied pond perch, potato pancakes or french fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, apple sauce, pumpernickel bread with herbed butter. Shown may be the brewery's Poor Farm Pilsner. (Picture: Pat A. Robinson for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Purchase Picture

In substitution for stopping meat on Fridays for spiritual reasons, we have seafood fry.

Do not inform the clergy, but i believe we possibly may have recently come out ahead on this deal.

Fried seafood, french fries or potato pancakes, coleslaw, bread, butter and tartar sauce, all packed onto a dish or perhaps in a basket — whew. But there is no meat that is red therefore we are doubting ourselves. Appropriate?

Combine those dishes of pure convenience with basic TGIF jubilation, as well as an awful large amount of good feelings become entwined in this Wisconsin tradition.

Once again in 2010, i have been looking into newish fish fries at restaurants and pubs all over area and discovered seven we'd recommend. The objective that is main finding good-quality fish which was flavorful and well-prepared — well-seasoned batter or breading that clung towards the seafood, that has beenn't drowning in oil in the dish.

I still lean toward freshwater fish and, well, most situations but cod.

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