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F. GEOLOCATION DATA. 1. We immediately gather geolocation information from users of my children’s software, but i really do maybe not make use of this given information for such a thing.

Have always been we accountable for notifying moms and dads and having their permission to such collection?

Yes. COPPA covers the number of geolocation information, not only its usage or disclosure.

2. Let's say I give my users a selection to make down geolocation information? Do we still need to inform moms and dads and acquire consent that is prior parental?

COPPA is made to inform moms and dads and offer them the decision to consent. Consequently, it's not adequate to present such notification and option to your youngster individual of an online site or solution. In the event that operator promises to gather geolocation information, the operator will undoubtedly be accountable for notifying moms and dads and getting their permission ahead of such collection.

3. The amended Rule covers “geolocation information enough to recognize road title and name of town or city. ”

Let's say my children’s software just collects coarse geolocation information, tantamount to collecting a ZIP rule but absolutely absolutely nothing more particular?

COPPA will not need an operator to alert moms and dads and get their permission before gathering the kind of coarse geolocation services described. Nonetheless, the operator must certanly be quite sure that, in all circumstances, the geolocation information it gathers is more basic than that enough to spot road title and title of city or city.

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