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Pat graded and rated just about all, from components of her human body...


“The Book”, even as we called it, initially ended up being merely a old college notebook that began as just Patrick’s dating “black book” as he ended up being about 14-years-old, where he kept names of girls he’d met and their telephone numbers. But before he knew it, the book had turned into a full-blown sex diary as he got lucky with one girl after another, my cousin started adding other details about the experiences to the notebook, and. Quickly a normal notebook ended up beingn’t big enough, particularly when he previously to upgrade brand new encounters with girls, therefore he transferred the pages up to a loose-leaf binder where he could include extra pages as required. Because of this each woman may have her very own section that is special might be expanded on as Patrick had more experiences together with her.

Patrick keep carefully the typical information like the girl’s title, age, target, and phone figures, and possibly the institution she decided to go to. He may add several other details like where he had met her, and in case she had been using some body during the time. (He’d had many cheaters, and having them to screw around on their boyfriends ended up being a supplementary kick that is special Patrick.) He’d devote a description associated with the woman, and should they offered him an image, or he might get one from somebody else and on occasion even a yearbook picture he’d add that too. Most of the times he took the picture himself at events along with his very very very own digital digital camera. When he got them nude, he’d write in an in depth description of her human body that includes their own notes of their viewpoints on which he saw.

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