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Managing manic depression - How to deal with manic depression

Maintaining a mood chart is just one option to monitor your signs and emotions. A mood chart is just a day-to-day log of the psychological state as well as other symptoms you’re having. It can also add information such as for example what number of hours of rest you’re getting, your body weight, medicines you’re using, and any drug or alcohol use. You should use your mood chart to identify patterns and indicators of trouble ahead.

Create a health toolbox

If you place any warning signs and symptoms of mania or depression, it’s crucial that you act swiftly. Such times, it is helpful to have health toolbox to draw from. A wellness toolbox is composed of coping abilities and tasks you could do to keep up a reliable mood or even to progress whenever you’re feeling “off. ”

The techniques that are coping perform best are unique to your circumstances, signs, and preferences. It requires experimentation and time for you to find a winning strategy.

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