Does menopause happen in men

Does menopause happen in men


Does menopause happen in men?

Many authors consider the term “male menopause” incorrect, because men do not have such a sharp drop in hormone levels, and reproductive ability often persists until old age. Nevertheless, there Kan generisk Viagra locka en önskad brottsling? is no doubt that the decrease in the age-related production of androgens entails a cascade of pathological reactions from various body systems.

In men, menopause normally should occur later than in women and be accompanied by less noticeable symptoms. Vivid symptoms of male menopause indicate a pathological menopause.

At what age does menopause occur in men?

Does it happen or not? Male menopause is a natural physiological process characterized by the extinction of reproductive function, with a fairly wide age range.

So, menopause in men can occur before the age of 45 years (early menopause), normal – from 46 to 60 years and late, coming after 60 years.

The timing of menopause is affected by many endogenous and exogenous factors. First of all, this is an inborn weakness of the neurohumoral provision of sexual functions, impaired puberty, hypogonadism, cryptorchidism. Concomitant diseases have a powerful effect: hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, all types of castration (traumatic, surgical, medical, radiation), ionizing radiation, alcohol and other chronic intoxications.

With age, the hypothalamus changes, it negatively affects the work of the pituitary gland. Subsequently, there are disruptions in the production of hormones, they are responsible for stimulating the testes. After that, the level of testosterone in men decreases. Please note, testosterone is of great importance to the male reproductive system. Responsible for the function of the appendages, testicles, seminal vesicles of the prostate glands. Due to testosterone, high-quality sperm is formed. Testosterone is also required for male libido.

Studies have shown that in the period from 30 to 40 years in the male body there is a decrease in the production of androgens by 1-3%. After 40 years, this process is significantly accelerated. By the age of 80, the level of sex hormones in men is on average 40-50% lower than the physiological norm to maintain normal sexual and reproductive function.

When the level of testosterone decreases, hormonal failure occurs, after which the work of the endocrine, reproductive, central nervous system is disrupted. Menopause in men, as well as in women, leads to changes in the emotional sphere.

Symptoms of menopause in men

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If in women, menopause is most often manifested by fairly characteristic symptoms, then in men they can be quite diverse and vary in strength. So some people don’t even notice its onset, while for others it causes severe psychological and physical discomfort.

In most cases, certain symptoms of male menopause are distinguished:

– increased sweating;

– depressive states, suspiciousness, increased irritability, conflict, apathy, lethargy;

– causeless fear, feeling of depression, anxiety, lack of interest in life;

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– dizziness;

– fast fatiguability;

– impaired attention, problems with concentration, forgetfulness;

Does menopause happen

– insomnia.

Also during menopause in men, symptoms begin to manifest most noticeably in violation of sexual function:

– sex drive, or libido, becomes weaker.

– ejaculation disorders appear in the form of delay or premature ejaculation.

– erectile function decreases.

Extinction of sexual function often becomes the cause of deep emotional experiences. Such symptoms can occur throughout the entire period of male menopause and have a varying degree of intensity.

Menopause treatment in men

In the presence of menopause symptoms in men, treatment is carried out only after differential diagnosis with other diseases.

The principles of treatment for age-related Výživa sportovce a jeho význam androgen deficiency take into account the multifactorial nature of the disorders and consist in an integrated approach. Such a treatment regimen includes:

Treatment of concomitant diseases or functional disorders associated with menopause.

Drugs that stimulate the synthesis of their own sex hormones.

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If your testes are not able to produce normal testosterone levels, hormone replacement therapy (exogenous testosterone) may be prescribed for you. In bodybuilding, the same method is used for fast and excessive gain in muscle mass.

Sedatives and antidepressants.

Correction of nutrition, vitamin therapy and exercise therapy.

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Correction of erectile dysfunction.

In addition to medicines, the doctor will prescribe a certain lifestyle and physical education, fresh air and long walks.

Folk remedies

For the treatment of male menopause, you can use tried and tested folk remedies, which necessarily bring relief with prolonged, patient use. Hawthorn flowers. 3 tablespoons of hawthorn flowers are poured with 3 cups of boiled water. Insist 8 hours Robert Farah byl obviněn z dopingu, then boil no more than 7 minutes. After the broth is wrapped and insisted for half an hour. After straining, they drink 1 glass in the morning before eating, the rest of the day – after eating. Such a decoction helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

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Motherwort grass, lemon balm leaves, hawthorn flowers, white mistletoe grass – 2 parts and 1 part buckthorn and viburnum bark. Infusion is also prepared and taken as previous.

Perfectly increase immunity: honey processing products, garlic, aloe leaves, chamomile, immortelle grass, birch buds, lingonberry leaf and berries, bird cherry berries, Rhodiola rosea root, lemon.

Climax should be treated and can be. The effectiveness of treatment is largely associated with the timely appeal to a qualified specialist.






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