As a practising, certified and well respected medium of over 20 years service I am qualified to carry out all of my duties in a respectful, competent
and non judgemental manner.

In my role as an ordained minister within the Christian Spiritualist Society I am qualified to carry out the following services …

Services Offered

Psychic Reading


A strong talent and the speciality of Babs is the ability to use your voice and energies to allow spirits to find their way to us. By utilising this link she can perceive the messages passed along by your benefactors in spirit.

Psychic readings cost £30 and can be done via Skype.


Astrological Horoscope


Babs has the capability to create astrological horoscopes with the very basic service of this is the provision of an astrological chart for you. This chart will represent the position of astrological bodies at the exact moment of your birth, which will enhance the accuracy of any other astrological service utilised.


Compatibility Horoscope


A further service offered using the stars and planets. By utilising the birth-charts of you and you’re chosen significant other, Babs will create a compatibility report which compares all aspects of both astrological birth charts to show where you and your partner will mesh, and possible places of disharmony.


Personality Profile


Similar in many respects and ways to a compatibility horoscope, by using the astrological chart Babs creates for you from your birth details, the personality profile will explain the significance and effect of each astrological element.


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