In over two decades of reading for various people I could fill pages and pages with comments from satisfied customers. To save you the time of reading them all i have just included a few of my favourites here.

Elaine from Nuneaton

In a reading I had with Babs I had recently bought my own house at 55 and a long-held ambition. Babs told me I would not be in the house for long and she could see workmen decorating:- A. I thought so ridiculous as I had a fixed mortgage for 5 years B. I certainly could not afford to decorate. Babs was right my psychopath neighbour caused a fire in his loft which raged through the roofs of the four adjoining houses (I had already left as he frightened me so much). RE the insurance etc new roof and the house decorated all through I eventually sold my house I was only there for 6 months !!!!!!!!

Jane Bothwell Oxford

I have been involved with the spiritualist church for about 8 years. Barbara Howard (Babs) as many know her was one of the first mediums I went to see I was very impressed with what she said, I find always came true I have seen Babs many times now at different churches all over the country every time she seems to get better if anyone wants to see a medium fort he first time I would recommend her because she is such a dedicated and genuine lady.

Sharon Marie Christine

I am writing to you to thank you for bringing my mum to me –to us. You truly are the telephone to the spiritual world - to heaven. You brought my mum to us with “love, assurance and guidance and humour” and for this, we are truly thankful. It seems that my life is opening up. And while my mum walks with us one path will certainly be even better with much appreciation

Rita Biscester Spiritualist Church

Babs, Thankyou so much for an fantastic evening – so many people have been telling me they thought your work was amazing!! I agree! I do hope you are feeling better now and managed to have a rest on Sunday. See you in October and again many thanks

Thank you ever so much for my reading this evening you have certainly opened my eyes to a whole new chapter waiting in my life and I'm ready ! Your such an amazing lady it's not easy for me to be speechless and right now I feel I've lost my tongue once again thank you very much.
I just want to say thank you so much for that reading it truly has opened my eyes to so much I can't stop thinking about it at all! You are such an amazing woman and also my mum would like to come for a reading if possible?
Rita Perry Oxford

I first met Barbara Howard four years ago after the sudden death of my husband. She was one of the first mediums at my Spiritual Church who gave me a reading in which I could accept everything she told me I have found hr to be a very honest, caring and genuine lady and have recommended her to many other, she as become a true friend and had helped myself and my friends family to find their true pathway

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